Membership Options

The Cumberland Club welcomes a diverse and inclusive membership.

In addition to our Resident Members, we have limited resident, non-resident, associate, and corporate memberships available. Any proposed individual must be at least twenty-one years of age and have two current Members propose, in writing, the individual’s application for membership.

Resident Members

Those having either a regular place of business or a residence within fifty miles of Portland.

Non-Resident Members

Those having neither a place of business nor a residence within fifty miles of Portland.

Associate Members

Those between the ages of 21 and 35. Automatically converts to Resident membership at age 36.

Corporate Members

Corporate membership requires named individuals of the corporation to be stated members, each of whom must be a partner, owner, officer, director or full time employee of the corporation. A corporate membership is composed of one member designated as the primary, with voting rights, and up to four additional non-voting corporate members. Both primary and non-voting memberships are transferable, pending the Board’s approval and subject to a $125 fee per transfer.

For more information concerning membership or to schedule a tour, please contact Member Services Manager Renee Griffin at